Electrical heating mats

Explore SST Thermal Solutions’ innovative range
of electrical heating mats, where comfort meets efficiency.

Our commitment to superior heating is embodied in three distinct offerings:

150 W/m²

Ideal for smaller spaces, this energy-efficient mat provides a cozy atmosphere, perfectly balancing warmth and cost-effectiveness.

160 W/m²

Achieve the best of both worlds with our mid-range option, a customer favorite for its efficient heat distribution and energy usage.

200 W/m²

For maximum heat, the Ultra variant guarantees quick and extensive warmth, making it the powerhouse of our collection.

Coming soon: WARM-ON ALU

our ultra-thin, aluminum-layered mat for underfloor heating that installs without major renovations, offering uniform heat for any room.

Quality & Safety First

Our mats pass strict quality checks, are tested for extreme conditions, and are designed for longevity and safety

Innovation & Authenticity

Recognized by their unique orange and black cables, Warm-On mats are protected against imitation, ensuring genuine quality

Eco-Friendly & Safe

ROHS compliant and adhering to European standards, our mats are not only eco-conscious but also safe, reducing energy use and emissions

Versatility in Application

Warm-On mats are designed to be compatible with diverse
floor types, including ceramic tiles and carpets, ensuring
flexible heating options for any space in your household

Ceramic tiles

Porcelain stoneware




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safety and comfort converge for a healthier
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