SST Thermal Solutions group of companies confirms global leadership in 2022

SST Thermal Solutions group of companies confirmed its position as a top-3 global manufacturer of electric heating cables in 2022, according to an independent market report by QYResearch.

The market research agency QYResearch presented its rating of the world’s largest heating cable manufacturers in 2022. According to the Global Electric Heating Cable Market Report, History and Forecast 2018–2029, SST Thermal Solutions group of companies is one of the three global leaders on the heating cable and electric heating systems market.

The report covers 20 companies from the UK, US, Germany, India, France, China, Canada, and South Korea.

Analysts at QYResearch estimate the global market for electric heating cables in 2022 at 2.7 billion USD. According to the forecast, by 2029 it is expected to grow by a factor of 1.6 and reach 4.3 billion USD.

In 2022, self-regulating heating cables accounted for the largest share in the global production of electric heating cables. This particular type of heating cables is valued for its unique properties such as energy efficiency, safety, and ease of use. The “smart” cable adjusts its power output to the changing environment temperature. Self-regulating heating cables are an essential component in de-icing systems of roofs and gutters, entrance groups, stairs and ramps as well as pedestrian areas. These heating cables are also ideally suited for protecting oil & gas, water and other liquid-substance pipelines, vessels and equipment from freezing as well as maintaining the necessary technological temperatures.

Our company is among the five companies globally that have a full-cycle in-house manufacturing approach to producing self-regulating heating cables, including the conductive polymers (the matrix). Therefore, we take full responsibility to deliver outstanding quality to our clients. SST Thermal Solutions develops and manufactures all types of electric heating cables, including self-regulating and resistive cables, full range of electric heating system components, and offers integrated solutions for infrastructure and industrial safety. The company has in-house R&D and engineering departments, which annually deliver over 1,100 heat tracing projects around the world. We have all the required international certificates, including ATEX, and are listed as a trusted partner by over 20 major global EPC-contractors.